Travel Predictions 2020


From tech-generated recommendations, to ‘second city’ exploration – booking unveils what will be big in travel in the year ahead.
As we enter not just a new year but a new decade, our travel needs, behaviors and wants continue to evolve. The world today, like the explorers themselves, does not sit still.

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, predicts that 2020 will be a year of travel exploration like never before, fueled by technology as well as a growing sense of responsibility and deeper connection with the people and places we visit.

The rise of the ‘second city’ traveler

Second-city travel, meaning the exploration of lesser known destinations in a bid to reduce over-tourism and protect the environment, will take a leap forward in the year ahead, with:

  • 54% of global travelers wanting to play a part in reducing over-tourism (56% of 18-25 year olds).
  • 51% stating they would swap their original destination for a lesser known but similar alternative if they knew it’d leave less of an impact. To find out more about regional differences
  • 60% of global travelers keen to have access to a service (app/website) that recommends destinations where an increase in tourism would have a positive impact on the local community.

Tech-spect the unexpected

  • 2020 will see travelers put key aspects of their decision-making process even more firmly in the hands of technology. Smart, trusted, tech-led recommendations will connect us to a myriad of new experiences that might not otherwise have crossed our path, while also saving time (as well as screen-time) and enabling us to max out every minute of ‘now’ while on vacation, with:
  • 59 of global travelers saying they want tech to offer them ‘wildcard’ and surprise options that would introduce them to something entirely new.
  • 46 stating they will use an app that makes it fast and easy to explore and book activities in real time while traveling.
  • 44 will use an app that allows them to pre-plan their activities, so that they always have the answers in one place.
  • Expect to see even more applications of Artificial Intelligence offering new suggestions of destinations to visit, places to stay and things to do based on your current preferences, previous trips and key contextual factors such as weather and popularity.

Slo-Mo is the new #FOMO

Instead of experiencing the constant fear of missing out (FOMO) and trying to speed through as much as possible, travel in 2020 will be all about taking it slow. Starting with the journey itself, with:

  • 48 of travelers planning to take longer to get to their destination to reduce their environmental impact.
  • 61 looking to take a longer route to experience more of the journey, such as the scenery.
  • 62 wanting to go on a trip where the transportation is part of the experience.
  • 64 being interested in taking a historical train journey (e.g. Flying Scotsman, Orient Express).
  • 56 saying they wouldn’t mind spending longer traveling to their destination if they were taking a unique mode of transport.

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